8 BEST Breweries in Winston Salem, NC for Craft Beer - Lost In The Carolinas (2023)

The charming town of Winston-Salem has joined the ranks of other Carolina neighborhoods with its own beer boom. Many now form a bustling downtown brewery district, home to some of Winston Salem's finest breweries.

The close proximity of the breweries makes it easy to create your own self-guided craft beer tour, or you can pick a favorite and sip a few beers. Drinking a beer is part of itBest things to do in Winston Salem!

As a side note, they allow all dogs so feel free to bring a furry friend to enjoy your drink with you. Here are our top picks for the best breweries in Winston Salem.

The best breweries in Winston Salem

Incendiary brewing

8 BEST Breweries in Winston Salem, NC for Craft Beer - Lost In The Carolinas (1)
  • ADDRESS: 486 N Patterson Ave #105 (GPS)
  • Style: Bar
  • Std.:Monday - Thursday(16:00 – 22:00)Friday Saturday(12:00 – 12:00)Domingo(12:00 – 22:00)
  • website:shortcut

Incendiary Brewing brought home the renovated Bailey power plant and gave the space an electric, industrial feel. Their flagship beers are Shift, a New England IPA, and Shade of Lies, an Imperial stout with Counter Culture coffee, toasted coconut, maple and cinnamon.

However, the taps are constantly turning with an interesting selection of beers including porter, pilsner and white. Take a flight to experience their most innovative flavors like Habanero Pale Ale or Key Lime Coconut Sour.

The unique outdoor space is called the Carbonpit and is the best patio in town, a reason many think it deserves number one on a list of Winston Salem's best breweries. The Incendiary often hosts concerts and comedy shows, but mostly beer drinkers sit here to enjoy the sunny, hip vibe just below the old train tracks. It's family run so children are welcome and often play while adults enjoy the stress.

If you are hungry don't worry there is plenty.Restaurants in the heart of Winston Salem, and you can order from any of them. In keeping with the cold, we recommend the NY Pizzeria next door.

exclusive beers

TURN BLUE - Trübes IPA|shadows of liesImperial Stout

Wise man brewing

8 BEST Breweries in Winston Salem, NC for Craft Beer - Lost In The Carolinas (2)
  • ADDRESS: Angelo Bros. Avenue, 826 (GPS)
  • Style: brewery
  • Std.:Monday Wednesday(16:00 – 22:00)Thursday(16:00 – 23:00)Freitag(14:00 – 12:00)Saturday(12:00 – 12:00)Domingo(12:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.)
  • website:shortcut

We think Wise Man is not only one of the best breweries in Winston Salem, but in the entire state. As soon as you enter, you can tell that it is something special. The brewery's walls are adorned with colorful street art-style murals by local artists, and it generates electricity from solar panels on the roof.

The centuries-old building was formerly the Angelo Bros. warehouse, but thanks to extensive renovations, it now serves some of the best beers in town. The beers have labels and names to match this bright and vibrant decor. Every beer has the spirit of a sage, for example John Muir's Mountain Calling or Walt Whitman's Body Electric.

(Video) Beer Army Combat Brewery | NC Weekend | UNC TV

The Brewmaster holds a Ph.D. in chemistry, giving them a unique perspective on brewing. The brewery's name derives from the famous quote and quote: "He was a wise man who invented the beer."

They have many local food trucks frequenting their place so there is always plenty of great food to enjoy. They even have an Art-o-mat, a recycled retro cigarette vending machine that sells little works of art for a few bucks. There are less than 200 of them around the world and each one is unique. They are an art installation in themselves and were created in Winston-Salem.

The Wise Man also offers free beer tours on Sundays, so check out the science behind their best beers.

exclusive beers

electric body – API Imperial|tropical shirtsacid

Fiddlin Fish Brewing Company

8 BEST Breweries in Winston Salem, NC for Craft Beer - Lost In The Carolinas (3)
  • ADDRESS: 772 trade route NW (GPS)
  • Style: Bar
  • Std.:Monday Wednesday(16:00 – 22:00)Thursday(16:00 – 23:00)Freitag(14:00 – 23:00)Saturday(12:00 – 23:00)Domingo(12:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.)
  • website:shortcut

Fiddlin Fish has grown significantly in downtown Camel City since opening in 2017. The brewery is located in a renovated tobacco warehouse with an artistic flair. The interior of the tavern is decorated with local art and reclaimed wood. A new mural of guitars adorns the wall as the centerpiece, painted by local legend Hieronymus.

You can peek through the steel frame windows to see the magic happening behind the scenes at the brewery. "this crab fish” IPA is a beautiful hoppy IPA. It is a 15 cask brewery. On tap you'll find traditional offerings and their signature ales, as well as a selection of seasonal and more experimental styles.

Sample a bite of each, with a flight served on a hand-carved fish plate. The Slanted Shed Food Truck is often outside serving Carolina-style seafood favorites. The owners are passionate about craft beer, nurturing the community and rowing their own path.

With lots of big screens, it's a great place to watch the game while sipping a cold beer. Taproom Trivia is a regular occurrence and always fun. They also offer live music on their spacious covered terrace. Fiddlin Fish embodies the spirit of Carolina and we love what they create.

exclusive beers

this crab fish - Trübes IPA|Stout de Chocolate Black Mountainblack beer

(Video) Well Crafted NC: Documenting the History of Beer and Brewing in NC, Erin Lawrimore and Richard Cox

Radar Crafts

8 BEST Breweries in Winston Salem, NC for Craft Beer - Lost In The Carolinas (4)
  • ADDRESS: 772 Handel 216 E 9. St (GPS)
  • Style: Bar
  • Std.:Monday - Thursday(16:00 – 22:00)Freitag(15:00 – 23:00)Saturday(12:00 – 23:00)Domingo(12:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.)
  • website:shortcut

This brewery was founded by three friends with different backgrounds in the beer scene and they had a daring dream. This newcomer, who joins the ranks of Wise Man and Fiddlin Fish, has expanded the brewery's dense arts space, now called Industry Hill.

A garage for vintage NASCAR racers is now a hip-hop lover's paradise. Decor is minimal and feels like a breath of fresh air, with a light and airy feel. The two-tone bar top impresses in the room. They have a rotating lineup of food trucks with plenty of local heavyweights on the list, like Don Express.

They focus on open fermentation techniques and offer many Belgian beers. we have to say We're crazy about a cute can and the boy they deliver. Its culture of multimedia artists works to elevate the brand and be a pioneer in the industry.

Try the Wild Child Farmhouse IPA or the Illuminator Doppelbock, two of their tastiest creations, while the beer garden is perfect for a relaxing pint on a sunny day.

exclusive beers

Meta - Trübes IPA|Codepeasant beer

Brewing in the Hills

8 BEST Breweries in Winston Salem, NC for Craft Beer - Lost In The Carolinas (5)
  • ADDRESS: 638 W 4. St (GPS)
  • Style: brewery
  • Std.:Saturday - Wednesday(11:00 – 12:00)Thursday(Cerrado)Freitag(17:00 – 12:00)
  • website:shortcut

Foothills is the godfather of brewing in the area and has three popular locations across town. Is one ofThe best breweries in North Carolina, so you must come here if you are in town. Easily holds the title of one of Winston Salem's top breweries. They have a brewery and tasting room just outside of downtown, a pub in the middle of town, and a coffee shop next door called Footnotes.

Each has a unique identity and joys to be discovered. The majestic mountains surrounding Bue Ridge inspired its name. His art is iconic and can be seen all over the south east coast.

The brewery and tasting room offer a free tour of the production facility to learn about their unique brewing process. It is located in a former envelope factory in Manila with an area of ​​48,000 square feet. They store tens of thousands of kegs in such a large area, bottle everything on site, partner with other local breweries and roast their coffee beans for the footnotes.

The tasting room has a warm and family atmosphere, like entering a large family of artisans. They often brew beer to help their favorite causes, constantly host community events, and donate dollars to local efforts. Here you will also find games, food trucks and live music. There are 28 different taps to try here.

(Video) Frat Kids Try North Carolina Beers For The First Time

The brewpub offers a full menu and a relaxed atmosphere. There are lots of fun weekly events, like an open mic night and trivia challenges. We especially like to drop in for jazz on Sundays.

This place is known for its seasonal releases, notably the famous Sexual Chocolate Imperial Stout or Good Ship Wit. Their Hoppyum IPA is the stuff of local legend, and their taps are constantly changing a wide range including People Porter and Craft Happiness.

Footnotes is the cozy café of your dreams. In a relaxed atmosphere they offer a selection of beers, coffee, tea, wine and signature cocktails. It's the perfect place to kick back and relax with a good book or some close friends.

exclusive beers

have an IPA – API|loader of peopleenglish goalkeeper

Small Batch Beer Co.

8 BEST Breweries in Winston Salem, NC for Craft Beer - Lost In The Carolinas (6)
  • ADDRESS: 638 W 4. St (GPS)
  • Style: brewery
  • Std.: Varia
  • website:shortcut

Small Batch began in 2014 as Winston-Salem's nanobrewery. Although it has grown in size and support, each beer is still brewed in limited quantities and with love. Each drink uses locally sourced ingredients like Blood Orange IPA or Percolator Mocha Stout.

There is always a large and ever-changing selection on deck. The establishment's energy is relaxed but upscale. It looks quaint and modern at the same time, with lots of vintage accents and reclaimed wood.

Small Batch makes everything fresh every day, with a focus on that special handmade feel and an added reminder that you're worth it. They hold to the belief that superiority comes from simplicity.

The menu is packed with creative pub fare. Their burgers are loved by locals and visitors alike. Their shakes are out of this world too; Insta-worthy concoctions taste as good as they look. It's our favorite place to say goodbye to self-control and indulgence.

Exclusive beer

Sieve – American stout

(Video) CBP Stories - Turning Foothills into Mountains w/Jamie Bartholomaus (Foothills Brewing)

Joymongers Barrel Hall

8 BEST Breweries in Winston Salem, NC for Craft Beer - Lost In The Carolinas (7)
  • ADDRESS: 480 W Ende Boulevard (GPS)
  • Style: Bar
  • Std.: Varia
  • website:shortcut

Located in a renovated garage in Winston-Salem's West End, we love the small town feel and big flavors of Joymongers. True to their name, they serve happy beers every day in a relaxed, open industrial space. Long communal tables line the interior, inviting strangers and friends alike to have a laugh and a beer together.

The charming quirk comes in the form of a large and powerful mouse flying off the wall, one of only three in the world and the only one whose actual location is known. Originally launched in Greensboro, this is the second Joymongers location and just as successful as the first.

Joymongers always has a changing selection of beers and food trucks. With a focus on unique infused flavors, many fruit profiles are perfect for a refreshing beer like Fedbier with cherries and blueberries. They also serve the classics and go well with options like the Brux IPA.

It is one of the few breweries that specializes in cask-aged beers. They use fresh bourbon and wine casks to create more than 17 craft drinks. Less interested in production than other breweries, 95% of their products are served fresh from the garage daily. You can sit inside with the garage door open and let in a cool breeze, or soak up the sun outside in the beer garden. In any case, you will feel the joy.

Exclusive beer

Double IPA – API Imperial

Hoots Beer Co.

8 BEST Breweries in Winston Salem, NC for Craft Beer - Lost In The Carolinas (8)
  • ADDRESS: 840 Mill Works St (GPS)
  • Style: Bar
  • Std.: Varia
  • website:shortcut

Hoots Beer Co is an unexpected West End Winston-Salem gem. They reflect the vibrant community of the area and honor traditional old world styles to create working class beers. It has a soft wood and brick feel, filled with vintage arcade, video, and board games.

Peer through the wall portholes to see how your favorite beers are brewed. They also have a satellite bar in the middle with a piece of junk and a great terrace for sunbathing.

Her goal is to brew beer with love and magic, shrouded in mystery, and all with one goal: to fulfill the prophecy: "You will enjoy the beer you were born to enjoy." They see no boundaries when it comes to beer and want to push new American classics and encourage creativity in the science and art of beer. The building was originally Hoots Roller Mill.

The GasHopper IPA is a new fan favorite. However, we continue to dream of Coconut Cream Ale. They offer local food trucks like JJ's Cuban Kitchen and Burger Supreme that pair perfectly with their good cold beers.

(Video) Long lines for Sexual Chocolate (beer)

Exclusive beer

tomorrow fat - Black beer


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